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Revive Family offers parents hope for the family we all desire, but may believe is out of reach. Whether you are having real problems with your pre-teen, teen or just beginning your parenting journey, Revive Family can help! It’s never too late or too early to become the best parent you can be. And the answers will lead to a joy-filled family!

Frequently Asked Questions

Revive family seeks to support parents and kids at their point of need, which is why we offer a variety of ways we assist families.

Online Course

We recommend that parents begin with Influential Parenting, our online class. Upon completion of our online video or down loadable audio course we will ask you for your input and provide you with an implementation guide. Many parents are able to take off on their own from this point, as they see their kids respond in positive ways.

Support Membership

Some people need more support after finishing the Influential Parenting Class. Begin with the online course and then join our Support Membership. Revive Family membership grants parents access to weekly conference calls and our Facebook live events where parents can ask questions and seek advice from Jeff, Deedee and other influential parents. It also offers access to all of our podcasts, blogs and additional online courses that help parents bring about healing in their kids' lives.

Adolescent & Parent Coaching

Some families find themselves in situations where their kids need outside encouragement to bring about healing and restoration of the relationship. Revive Family specializes in difficult situations where traditional counseling has failed with kids, families and marriages. The coaching process targets the heart, which takes blame and defensiveness out of the equation.

Revive Family is based upon years of direct research with thousands of kids and families. The research lead to an understanding of deeper issues that weigh on kids' and parents' hearts that can lead to tension and common behavior issues. Influential parenting helps parents avoid the issues that lead to subtle and often imperceivable breakdowns in the relationship between parents and kids. Many parents who have older, adolescent kids have seen remarkable turn around in their relationships and amazing changes in their kid's decisions and behavior as a result of the different perspective and approach found within the thought process of Influential Parenting.

Many families report remarkable changes with in 10 to 14 days of completing the course and beginning the implementation process. In fact one family called to say that they were seeing amazing changes already, just five days after attending Influential Parenting. Some families find they require additional advice given their situation. If that is the case, we are here to help.

Revive Family is devoted to helping families avoid issues as well as restoring and connecting hearts, which is the reason we offer ongoing support. We want to see happy, caring and cooperative families we all desire become a reality. From our carefully designed implementation process, to our parent support membership and our personalized adolescent & parent coaching process we want to help you achieve the dream you set out with when you began your family.

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