Influential Parenting (online)


Join 1000’s of Parents who have found success and family harmony through our Influential Parenting course! If you are ready to experience a new way of parenting that will change your family forever you are in the right place.

This short and powerful course, when paired with  an MP3 and implementation process download, brings understanding, peace and most importantly love, back into your home.


The Influential Parenting course will:

  • Provide valuable insights, tools & hope for better outcomes in your family.
  • Offer a new and STRESS FREE approach to parenting that will fill your family with peace and a desire to live in harmony.
  • Encourage you in your parenting journey and empower you to shape your kids into capable, faithful and thoughtful adults.
  • Provide support for many parenting issues that stem from the same underlying issues. Once you have a strong understanding of the Influential Parenting course material, you will be well equipped to handle most anything that arises.

We are so confident that the non-traditional answers we offer will completely and positively impact your family that we offer a 100% money back guarantee.

You will receive:

  • 15 videos 10 – 14 minutes each with CC enabled and transcripts included.
  • An auto-download enabling you to listen on the fly.
  • Influential Parenting Implementation Process Guide download.
  • The option for ongoing support.
  • A renewed joy for family and your parenting journey!


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