Going, Going, Gone!


None of us want to see our kid leave their faith. Today nearly 70% of kids raised in Christian homes leave!

Going, Going Gone contains powerful stories from actual kids while exploring the reasons thousands of kids gave for leaving the faith. Their honesty and transparency will change your perspective and your heart. Jeff Schadt’s research, candor and passion will help you see that leading our kids like the Good Shepherd is more important than ever today. After exploring what kids are saying behind closed doors you will better understand the reason Jeff spent 7 years developing Influential Parenting in his home and the last 8 years sharing it’s heart changing insights to parents across the country.

Going, Going Gone is a must read for parents of a 8 to 16 year old because it was in this time frame that the factors identified began without their parents knowledge or understanding according to Jeff’s qualitative research with 2,000 kids . As you read the book write down questions you want to ask your kids. It will build your relationship and dramatically decrease the likelihood of your kid exiting their faith.



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