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Influential Parenting

Our main goal is to help parents feel successful and to bring families closer. Influential Parenting offers parents hope for the deep relationship with their kids that that results in connected hearts and true influence. Parenting with influence moves our kids to involve us in their lives and decisions. The results are amazing as kids begin to organically change when they are no longer in silent or direct opposition with us. This leads to increased motivation in their lives and fun, closer and more cooperative families.

Join the growing ranks of parents that identify themselves as “Influential Parents” because they have seen amazing changes in their kids and family. Better yet, start young and embrace a parenting style that will serve your family well.

Short 7 to 10 minute sessions

Our Influential Parenting Program grants you access to our online class along with a downloadable audio book version as well as an implementation guide that walks you through making changes in your home. The online class and audio book offer short 7 to 10 minute sessions that will have you going, “Wow! This makes so much sense.”

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