Meet Jennifer Schadt and the Introduction to Her role with Revive Family

Posted by Jennifer Schadt on 2018-06-18

Meet Jennifer Schadt and the Introduction to Her role with Revive Family

Posted by Jennifer Schadt on 2018-06-18

Meet Jennifer Schadt and the Introduction to Her role with Revive Family

My name is Jennifer Schadt and I am a sophomore at Northern Arizona University. Yes, my last name is Schadt, which means I am related to Jeff(founder of Revive Family), he is my dad. This summer I have come home to work for Revive Family full time (completely pro bono) and have found myself doing some very important projects. I want to share with you why I decided to join the Revive Family team.


I began school this year thinking that soon I will become a elementary school teacher and will be working with little kids as that has been my plan for years, but this year I joined Inter-varsity Campus Ministry. I became closer to God and discovered more of myself thanks to my best friend who led me to join Inter-varsity. Throughout the year I began to think differently about the future, although it wasn’t until I went to Mark Camp on Catalina Island for spring break. It was there where we studied the first half of the book of Mark. What really struck me was how it was all about discipleship and how you follow God. I started searching my heart and found that I really wanted to go into ministry.


The hard parts of going into ministry were the following questions: Where will I go? What will I do? Do I change my major? All of these were answered for me through prayer and conversations with those I was closest to. Revive Family was the perfect match for me as I believe wholeheartedly in everything they represent. I wanted to help my Dad change so many more lives and hearts.

I grew up with my parents transforming their parenting style and figuring out what works best and let me tell you this took a ton of trial and error. We as kids saw the differences and began to understand things differently as our family became closer and healthier. That is not to say my parents or family is perfect. Even though everything changed with the family dynamic, things also changed when my dad created his non-profit ministry. It led to a change of lifestyle for all of us and I think that was good. In fact things became so difficult in 2009 that we picked up and moved to Durango, Colorado where we moved in with my grandma for a couple of years to keep the outreach alive.  


As a result my family was different from those I saw around me, but I never knew how drastic the difference was until I went away to college. I found that most college students didn’t have the relationships that I had with my parents and that most were very unprepared for life on their own because of the different family dynamics. Where I would have no trouble with money and time management, others would struggle so much. Some still had their parents telling them what to do or how to spend their money. With all the changes my parents had made I had learned how to do all of those tasks before I left the home.

In fact my friends were blown away when I would call home to talk with my dad about a potential dating relationship, how that relationship was going and even how to break up with my boyfriend when I realized we were heading in different directions. They couldn’t imagine having these conversations with their parents. Where my friends are dependent upon feedback from social media and many families sit around restaurant tables on their phones my family is interacting and the phones are not a constant in our lives. I attribute this to all my dad has learned in the research and the changes they made in our home that kept us close, open and enjoying each other.

This is the reason I felt lead to join Revive Family to help parents have the change of heart that mine did and to help more kids take the reins of their life and to be prepared for life on their own!   

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