Grandma Camp: Connecting with Extended Family

Posted by Jennifer Schadt on 2018-08-20

Grandma Camp: Connecting with Extended Family

Posted by Jennifer Schadt on 2018-08-20

Grandma Camp: Connecting with Extended Family

Once a year during the summer my grandma takes us kids for a week. She started this when I was very little and we have been doing it every year since.  We spend a week at her house doing fun activities along with, games, movie nights, crafts and one or two projects on her house. This gives my parents a much needed break and time to relax while us kids get to have new and wonderful experiences with Gram!

Fun Activities

On a normal day at grandma’s Camp there is at least one or more fun activities. She would always make sure that we would do something that interested all of us. Within the past two years my brothers have really gotten into biking so naturally she added a biking outing to our schedule, where we almost bike the whole length of our town. I have loved swimming since I’ve stepped foot in a pool which created a trip to the rec center pool when I was younger, but with my older age it has morphed into a hot springs trip.

Gram never spends that much money on our outings. You don’t need to spend buckets of money on your grandkids, as it is love that this camp is all about. Showing that you want to spend time with them doing things they enjoy will create a wonderful bond between you and your grandchildren.

Helping Hand

Projects at her house have ranged from helping cut wood for winter to staining her deck. This year we tackled staining the two bridges that cross over her creeks, which we have done twice before at gram’s camp. Working hard is a very important thing for kids to learn today, along with acts of kindness for others. She has always been one of the most kind and caring people in my life and she has been able to pass this wonderful passion down to me and my siblings by getting us involved with helping her and inviting us to help others.  Encouraging your kids or grand kids to spread good deeds and to do their best can go a long way.


We rarely go out to eat and within this past week we have only eaten out once and gone to get ice cream or smoothies twice. Gram makes all of our favorite meals and desserts during the week and she always asks us to make the menu for breakfast, dinner and dessert. Sometimes we get so many ideas that we don’t get to all of them. This is another way to show how much you care and love your grand kids. Allowing them to choose and help prepare the meal is very special. It may be a simple meal or complex meal but it shows them that you are there for them and will always take care of them.


My grandma has always been a rock and foundation in my faith. She attended seminary school and became a children’s minister when I was very young then started gram’s camp a little bit later. Faith has always been a huge part of gram’s camp week as she chooses a topic/theme. This week’s was Love! We looked at many verses but focused on two, 1 John 4:7-19 and 1 Corinthians 13:1-13. Along with these verses we discussed questions like, why do we love and where does love come from? She was able to cover really hard topics and make it fun and light at the same time.

Over the years we have covered many different biblical topics and made them the theme of our week with Grandma. We will memorize verses and do crafts related to them. Movies that we watched encouraged us to practice what we were learning, whether that be love, faith, or listening to God. It is important to share your beliefs with your kids/grand kids in a positive manner.


Grandma’s Camp is a fun, positive, and a great way to give parents a break. I have enjoyed every moment I have spent with my grandma and hope to continue this wonderful tradition in the future for my kids, grand kids and possibly my nieces and nephews.

The experience with my Grandma goes right along side of the guidance and purposefulness Revive Family teaches.  If you are interested to find more out about us, would like invite you to join our free webinar on Influential Parenting. We look forward to seeing you then.

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