Answer – Hiding in Their Room

Hiding in Their Room

Does it feel like you never see your child anymore? Does it seem like your preteen is always in their room, on their phone, tablet or gaming console? Are you frustrated with them hiding out, behind closed doors? Do you miss when they used to hang out with the family? Do you desire a way to draw your pre-teen or teen out of their room and back into a real relationship with you? You aren’t alone and we’ve seen remarkable and lasting results with the Revive Family Influential Parenting Class.

In our Influential Parenting class you’ll learn:

  • Why your child is hiding in their room
  • What the deeper underlying issues might be and how to help
  • How to adjust your reaction and support your child’s changing needs
  • How to build a deep lasting relationship that makes the adolescent years more fun and enjoyable
  • And the wonderful by-product of this class is that it will make parenting easier and will support YOU in this sometimes frustrating parenting journey!

If you are ready for a parenting shift that will result in happier, more positive kids, stronger family relationships, and a joyful home life then we hope you’ll join the thousands of families who’ve taken our course and report wonderful results!

Wow! You and Influential Parenting are the bridge that I needed in our family and between me and my daughter.

Manuela McveyWorking Mom

Both will offer amazing results, that are fast and easily implemented.

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